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Project Insight Application
​Thank you for your interest in applying!
  • Applications are due December 8th, 2023.
  • You have the option for written or video essay responses.
  • You should expect a decision by December 15, 2023
  • If you have any questions about this application, please email
Are you Hipanico or Latino/Latinx
Primary Language
Regardless of your anwer to the previous question, please indicate how you identify yourself (select one or more).
Do you receive your pediatric primary care wih Children's National Hospital or Children's National Clinics? We will not under any circumstances be looking up your health information - this is just for us to know if you're a part of the Children's National Community!
Are you employed or seeking employment this school year?
Would you be the first generation or person in your immediate family to go to college?
Do you qualify for free lunch at your high school?
Are you involved in other after-school activities, courses, clubs, sports etc?
Does your family/friends/neighbors/community depend on you for childcare? For example, if your family depends on you to take care of your sibling every Saturday.
Have you ever taken a college-level course?
Are you currently enrolled in a college-level course?
Do you have internet access at home?
Do you have a laptop/iPad at home?
Can you bring that laptop/iPad to Project Insight sessions?
Participation in Project Insight would ideally involve your participatio at each of the ten sessions, plus a graduation ceremony. Sessions are all on Saturdays from 11:45am-4pm. Please select all dates you can attend
While the location may change, most sessions will occur at the Latin American Youth Center (near the Columbia Heights Metro) at 1419 Columbia Rd NW Washington D.C. 20009. Some sessions may occur at the main Children's National Hospital at 111 Michigan Ave NW Washington D.C. 20010. Do you have transportation to sessions?
How will you arrive to sessions?
You have the option to submit written or video essay responses. If you select written, the prompts will automatically be shown below and require 2-4 sentence responses. If you select video, you will be sent an email to easily submit video responses via our online platform.
Which method do you prefer for essays?
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