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Session 2: Racial Justice ✅

We had a blast at the Latin American Youth Center on 2/3/24! We started off with reflections on systemic racism, learning more about the historical injustices that continue to affect our patients and their families to this day. Our students also spent some time comparing the different Wards of DC, learning how zip codes affect health and social outcomes using data from DC Action. After, we spent a few hours with our community partners at D.C. Justice Lab and Civil Rights Corps. Students learned about their civil rights, reflected on the public health ramifications of police violence, and learned about racial justice work in DC and around the country. Our students had so many questions and insightful comments about their experiences as students of color living in D.C.

Excited for session 3! Next time we will talk more about the COVID-19 Pandemic and explore disability justice and how it relates to our patients with complex medical needs. Stay tuned!

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