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Session 3: COVID-19 and Disability Justice

This was a great session! We started off with our very own Dr. Chisholm sharing more about her personal story. We know the last session may have been a bit heavy and we want our students to recognize that resilience exists in all of us. We are so fortunate to have someone as resilient and inspiring as Chizzy to be a part of our program!

We than had several reflection exercises related to the COVID-19 pandemic. We were so grateful for the vulnerability and trust our students showed as they shared how they and their families experienced the COVID-19 pandemic. Our students then learned more about the health and social outcomes related to the pandemic, especially how it impacted vulnerable communities in DC. We then transitioned to considering how the pandemic affected people with disabilities.

Our students learned the meaning of complex medical needs and then got to meet panelists from Children's National and beyond who either work with patients/families with complex medical needs or have personal experience with the healthcare system. Our panelists were so honest and insightful, and our students asked excellent questions. We are thankful that they shared their stories, struggles, and triumphs with our scholars!

We then learned more about the social model of disability and our students brainstormed how society can adapt to meet the needs of people with disabilities so that everyone can thrive and live full, healthy lives.

We wrapped up with our longitudinal Adverse Community Environments/Adverse Childhood Experiences and Community Resilience Trees project - excited to share more about this at the end of the program!

Looking forward to session 4 on 3/9!

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