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Welcome to the Project Insight Blog!

We are excited to announce that Project Insight is a recipient of a $100,000 Pediatric Pandemic Network (PPN) Pilot Award:

Pediatric Pandemic Network Logo
Pediatric Pandemic Network

An Innovative Pilot Youth Development Program Informed by Health Justice, Community Resilience, Disaster Preparedness, and Critical Consciousness Principles.

The award is to fund two years of activity and will allow us to provide financial incentives to youth participants, staff, and community partners. It also helps pay for this website!

Next steps? Recruitment! We will be recruiting 20 students for this upcoming cohort. We aim to launch our application on November 1st, 2023! We are also working to connect with dozens of community partners for curriculum development and session facilitation.

A lot of work to be done, but we're ready for it. Stay tuned for updates!!

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